Best Video Camera for YouTube 2021

If you want to become a YouTube sensation, then you have some stiff competition. Everybody and their dog has a channel these days, so you will need to arm yourself with the best gear if you want to succeed.

Below, we’ll show you cameras that provide you with the best results on YouTube and give you some useful insight into the top three. Compare and contrast them

Your search for the best video camera for YouTube begins and ends here. Check out the top brands that will help you stand apart from the competition.

What to Look for in YouTube Video Cameras

Before you choose a camera, consider the following:

  • Investment. You should be prepared to spend around $200 for a decent camera.
  • Picture Quality. While the 720p camera is a great option, the 1080p is even better. It will offer you twice the picture quality and it’s a great option for those who are looking to upgrade or if they want to give their YouTube videos an extra pop. These are a bit more expensive, and they do require more storage space, but the image quality is well worth it!
  • Sound. The higher quality your camera is, the better the sound will be. You want to make sure that those watching your YouTube video can easily hear what is going on.
  • Where You’ll Shoot Videos. Will you be at a concert, doing a product demonstration or a mini documentary? Will you be indoors, outdoors, or underwater?

Your shooting conditions may change, but if you have specific goals in mind, then you’ll need to think about the type of camera that will work best for the type of films you want to create. Below, we include a mix of cameras that work great for a variety of filming needs.

Best Video Camera for YouTube: Top 6 Comparison

PictureNameVideo Capture ResolutionPriceRating (1-5)
Video Capture Resolution
Rating (1-5)
1. Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 16.3MP CMOS1080p$$$4.5
2. Samsung EC-SH100 Wi-Fi Digital Camera1280 x 720$4.4
3. Panasonic DMC-ZS40K Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black)1920 x 1080 (60p/60i/30p),
1280 x 720
640 x 480 (30p)
4. Kodak Easyshare C182 Digital Camera (Blue)640 x 480$$4.3
5. Mobius Action Camera 1080P HD Mini Sports Cam - Wide Angle Edition - C2 Lens1080p$4.3
6. Zoom Q2HD Handy HD Video Recorder with 2GB SD Card and Two AA Batteries1080p$$$$4.2
7. Samsung F90 White Camcorder720p$$4.0
8. Samsung HMX-F90 Black Camcorder with 2.7" LCD Screen and HD Video Recording1280 x 720 30p$$$4.0
9. Panasonic Lumix TS4 12.1 TOUGH Waterproof Digital CameraN/A$$$4.0
10. Fujifilm FinePix S2950 14 MP Digital Camera720p$4.0

Important Gear

Even the best video camera for YouTube isn’t much all by itself. For a quality video, you will also need:

  • Tripod. Unless you want to specifically achieve a motion-effect, you should definitely have a tripod to steady your camera.
  • Editing Software. Capturing the video is one thing, but afterwards you’ll need to put it all together with text, logos, music and any other extras that you use to make your video unique.
  • Practice. It may sound cliché, but practice makes perfect! You’ll need to test your skills often in order to improve; there are plenty of online resources that can help you!

3 Best Camcorders for YouTube Reviews

Although our list contains many great options, our three favorites are:

1. Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

It’s like a smartphone with a zoom lens! This camera is designed to run apps just as a regular smartphone would with the benefit of a 1080p video capture resolution. This makes it quick and easy not only to share your videos on YouTube, but then to promote them on numerous other social media platforms.

It features a large, crisp 4.8-inch display (308 pixels per inch) and full spectrum of colors. 21x zoom lets you film right in the middle of all the action while maintaining a sharp image and you will love that it has special effect modes for the videos you shoot, especially when you film things with fast-paced movements.

A really unique product that will help YouTubers get great 1080p image quality and be able to quickly share their videos on social media (when no post-production editing is required).

2. Samsung EC-SH100

If you’re just starting out with your Youtube gear, then this is a great little beginner’s camera. It offers you a decent quality 1280x720p capture resolution. The zoom is noticeably less than the previous camera at 5x, but if you don’t have a need to capture subjects that are far away, then that’s not a problem! Make-up tutorial close-ups, how to tie flies for fly-fishing, etc. will look great with this camera.

Easily upload your videos directly to Youtube or email them to the computer that you would like to use for editing them before you upload.

3. Panasonic DMC-ZS40K

The Panasonic has a whopping 30x zoom lens (because you want to film the man on the moon, right?), three video capture resolution modes (1080p, 720p and 480p), Hybrid O.I.S. for 5-axis correction to produce sharp, blur-free videos and a level shot function that will keep the horizontal line in your video even if it’s slightly tilted.

Easily upload your videos directly to your computer so you can edit and then post. You will have to spend a bit more money, yes, but if you want to produce quality videos, then go for it!

To be successful as a YouTuber, you need the best camera. Refer to our useful guide above to help you find exactly what you need!