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Best Video Camera for Sports 2021

Technology makes it easy to capture all of life’s exciting adventure, but you definitely need the right video camera if you want your extreme adventures to look and sound great once you’re ready to watch them and relive the moment.

Below, we help you compare and contrast brands, features and styles so that you can find the best video camera for sports and fast-paced action.

Look out, GoPro, you have some stiff competition!

Things to Look For

Before you select a video camera, consider the following:

  • Your Sport. It’s always a good idea to get a waterproof camera. Say you ride your mountainbike down a hill, gain some air by riding up a ramp and then flying into the local pond? And you can’t just tell people about snorkeling with Nemo and Dory along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, you need to show them. Figure out the type of sport or action that you need to capture and research which cameras that people with similar interests have had great success with.
  • Who You Will Film. It’s great when you can mount the camera on your surf board, snow board or helmet as you jump out of an airplane, but if you want to film someone else, you need to determine if you’ll be better off with a mounted camera or a hand-held camera.

6 Best Video Cameras for Sports Table

PictureNameHighlightsPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. DBPOWER EX50001080p Video Capture Resolution, 14 MP Image Resolution, 170° Wide Angle Lens, Up to 176 minutes play time$$4.9
2. GooKit GK-SP20-2BL Waterproof1080p Video Capture Resolution, 12 MP Image Resolution, 170° Wide Angle Lens$4.8
3. Sony HDR-AS200V7 Different Video Modes, Live Streaming, 170° Wide Angle Lens$$$$4.6
4. GeekPro 2.0-Inch Sports Camera1080p Video Capture Resolution, 12 MP Image Resolution, 140° Wide Angle Lens, Generous Accessories$4.4
5. GoPro HERO41080p Video Capture Resolution, 12 MP Image Resolution at 30 fps, Touch Display, Night and Low Light Settings$$$4.5
6. Sony AS30V1080p Video Capture Resolution, 4x Slow Motion Capture, 12 MP Image Resolution, 170° Wide Angle Lens$$$3.9


As we mentioned above, think about how and where you’ll use the camera before you select one.

  • Helmet. If you plan to mount the camera on your helmet, a bullet camera is an excellent choice (check out number three on our list).
  • Chest. Opt for a square/rectangular camera if you want to mount it on your chest.

For everything else, it just depends on what you need. These cameras usually come with plenty of accessories, and you can always purchase additional mount clips if needed.

Just remember: the more features, the higher the price. We have some great options on our list for those on a budget as well as those who don’t mind spending a bit more.

3 Best Camcorder for Sports Reviews


GoPro power with a friendly price tag. That’s what we’re talking about!

The DBPower EX5000 Sports action camera will capture videos at 1080p resolution and feature a 4x optical zoom. It features building Wi-Fi and performs just as well as the some of the top-of-the-line cameras for half the cost.

It comes with plenty of accessories, including bicycle mount, helmet mount, camera clip, multi-function clip, waterproof case and the waterproof case clip.

To capture all of your (or your friends’) extreme sports action, try this out. It’s great as an entry-level sports cam and you’ll get plenty of use from it if you decide to upgrade later on! It definitely earns its spot as best video camera for sports on our list.

2. GooKit GK-SP20-2BL

Coming in at number two is the GooKit Sports Camera.

It has an awesome wide-angle lens (a full 170°) and large LCD screen that shows you crisp, clear images. The kit comes with all of the accessories you’ll need (clips, mounts, tripod mount, extensions, and a buoyant handle for shooting in water) and has a Wi-Fi connection so you can connect to the camera’s free app.

It shoots up to a 1080p resolution video and although it’s waterproof, the case covers the buttons (making them hard to push) and the sound quality decreases slightly inside the case.

Overall, for a budget action camera, the GooKit is pretty awesome!

3. Sony HDR-AS200V

Stepping it up a notch in price and quality we have the Sony AS200V/W Action Cam.

This camera can be operated remotely from your mobile or a remove (purchased separately) and it’s packed with useful features that make shooting a video effortless.

The Highlight Movie Maker setting automatically chooses the best moments of the video so that you won’t have to bother with any post-production editing once you’re done. You can even upload music to play along with the finished video (“Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf would be perfect).

It offers live streaming when you’re connected to the internet and it has a built-in stereo microphone to improve sound quality.

This has more bells and whistles than some of the other sports cams, but if you’re serious about your extreme sports action, it’s well-worth the investment.