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Best Prosumer Video Camera 2021

If you are on the lookout for an amazing video camera that lets record long and high quality videos stop right here. Even though the demand for this kind of products is not that big the market still offers a wide array of different models.

This guide will show you what the best prosumer video camera is considering the features, the price tag and the performance. On top of this we will show why these things are important.

Consider When Buying a Prosumer Video Camera

  • Comfort. Despite the fact modern prosumer video cameras are not as heavy as they used to be few decades ago you still can’t hold it in your hands for a long time. Being able to record with it place on your shoulder will allow you have smooth videos and will prevent the shaky hands effect.
  • Performance. The overall performance of the camera depends a lot on its hardware capabilities. Unlike photography cameras a prosumer video camera doesn’t require much skill in order to deliver high quality videos. Even in the hands of a pro a poor quality video camera won’t do much.
  • Price. Prosumer video cameras cost a lot more than digital cameras do, however, this shouldn’t be a reason for spending a whole fortune. After all, next year there will be a better one and you will want to get your hands on it. If you are a professional cameraman this criterion is irrelative to you.
  • Durability. Optical devices are fragile including the body and what’s inside of it. Going for a cheap poorly made product usually ends badly. If use the camera up to its full potential it won’t last long. Paying the extra dollars for this purpose only can be worthwhile.

Top 6 Prosumer Video Cameras Table

PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder3.09 MP Sensor Resolution/ Video Capture FULL HD/ Zoom 20x$$$4.7
2. Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV High Definition Professional Camcorder1.67 Sensor Resolution/ Video Capture FULL HD/ Zoom 20x$$4.6
3. Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder2.3 MP Sensor Resolution/ Video Capture FULL HD/ Zoom 10x$$$4.5
4. Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM Professional Camcorder1 MP Sensor Resolution/ Video Capture FULL HD/ Zoom 20x$$$4.3
5. Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K Video Camera 14 MP Resolution/ 1" Exmor Sensor/ Video Capture 4k/ Zoom 12x$$$4.0
6. Sony FDRAX1 4K Camcorder Video Camera8.3 MP Sensor Resolution/ Video Capture 4k/ Zoom 20x/ 3.5" LCD Display$$$$3.0

Top 3 Best Prosumer Video Camera Reviews

1. Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder

Canon is one of the best-established manufacturers of optical devices. The XA20 is by far the best prosumer video camera money can buy without breaking your bank. It has premium features and it won’t cost you that much.

You can zoom up to a factor of 20 so you can record your videos from considerable distance. It records in Full HD 1080p at a rate of 60fps. Videos with these preferences are smooth and crystal. It has a 3.09 MP HD CMOS sensor and the new DIGIC 4 image processor. Recording videos with a lot of moving objects is not an issue for the Canon XA20.

You can have the camera on your shoulder during recording or you can hold it with your hands to create some cool looking videos. It’s light as a feather.

Once you’re finished with the recording you can transfer the videos wirelessly directly to your PC or share them on the internet right away. It has infrared shooting mode if you are in extreme low-light environment.

2. Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV

The XH-A1S is another great product designed and delivered by the Japanese manufacturer. Even though it’s been available on the market for several years it’s still a favorite of a huge number of pros and recreational individuals.

The videos recorded with this prosumer video camera can have a maximum resolution of 1440×1080 at few different fps rates. Unlike the XA20 the XH-A1S is equipped with a native CCD sensor and has the DIGIC DV HD image processor. You can preset 9 different custom modes so you can switch between them fairly easy. It offers limitless possibilities in terms of customization. It may take you some time to master it, but once you do your videos will be superb.

The 2.8 inch display gives you the opportunity to see what exactly you are recording and how that looks like. You won’t need any considerable video edits afterwards.

3. Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder

Canon seems to dominate the prosumer market with its astounding products. Last but by all means not least is the predecessor of the XA20. The XA10 may not have stunning hardware capabilities, but it’s still a beast.

It’s equipped with a fairly outdated DIGIC 3 image processor, but it’s still goes a long way. The lens in combination with 2.3 MP sensor let you record Full HD videos with resolution of 1920 x 1080. You can manually control the zoom which makes the XA10 quite versatile.

It lacks other supporting features like built-in Wi-Fi, infrared mode and preset settings. Bottom line is it performs a lot worse than the XA20. However, at the time of its release it was at the zenith of its popularity. Based on these arguments we have it ranked on the 3rd place on our best prosumer video camera list.