10 Best GoPro Poles 2021

GoPros have become a major essential for travelers, bloggers, and even casual users because they pack a ton of great features in such a small, compact body. However, no matter how small your GoPro might be, constantly having to hold the device can make it difficult to capture decent videos. That’s why the GoPro pole was made.

Designed to securely hold on to your GoPro, these ‘selfie-sticks’ allow users to capture more scenery without having to worry about losing their grip. For travelers and action photographers, this can be a major essential especially when using GoPros for activities like diving or climbing. So if you want to get the best out of your GoPro, invest in the best GoPro pole with the help of our list.

Top 10 GoPro Poles Table

PictureNameLengthPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Smatree SmaPole S1 All-aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole for GoPro Hero15.8” to 40.5”$$4.7
2. Vicdozia 19'' Waterproof Hand Grip Adjustable Extension Selfie Stick Handheld Monopod72.5” to 19”$4.6
3. CamKix® Premium 3in1 Telescopic Pole 16 - 47 Inch and Tripod Base Kit16” to 47”$$4.5
4. ActionSports Aluminum Waterproof Telescoping Monopole for GoPro Cameras 14” to 35”$$4.5
5. GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero Cameras, Waterproof, Pole Extends 17-40 Inches 17” to 40”$$$4.4
6. Shineda Telescopic Handheld Monopod Pole Selfie Stick SD-208 11” to 36”$4.2
7. GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount) 7.5” to 20”$$$$4.2
8. SANDMARC Pole - Black Edition: 17-40” Waterproof Telescoping Extension Pole 17” to 40”$$$4.2
9. AmazonBasics Extending Stick with Remote Housing for GoPro 13.8” to 38.2”$$3.9
10. GoPole Reach 14-40" Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras14” to 40”$$3.3

A Guide to Buying a GoPro Pole

You’d think that there shouldn’t be a lot to consider if you were choosing a GoPro pole. After all, how different could a bunch of selfie sticks be? The fact of the matter is that GoPro poles can actually come in a wide variety of designs that can change the way you enjoy or use them.

Choose the best GoPro pole for your needs by taking the time to think of these main considerations.

  • Mount. The mount of your GoPro pole will tell you how securely it can hold on to your camera. The more durable and snug the fit, the less likely your camera will fall off while you use it.

GoPro poles use a variety of mounting systems, but they most commonly use screws that keep your camera in place. The main difference between mounting systems is the make and material.

Metal mounts are much more durable, but they can give in to rust over time. Plastic ones are cheaper, but may also be flimsy especially when used for high intensity activities.

  • Versatility. GoPro poles can be very versatile in the way they can be used. For instance, some options can be turned into tripods to keep your camera standing hands-free. This can be particularly important if you want to be able to film in a variety of settings and situations without having to switch between GoPro poles.

Some poles can be attached on to bikes, motorcycles, and other vehicles so you can film while on the go. Consider how you plan to use your GoPro pole to find out whether these versatile options will be beneficial to you or not.

  • Extension Length. The longer your GoPro pole can extend, the better you’ll be able to capture scenery. Even then, shorter poles can serve a great purpose especially for divers and mountain climbers who want to be able to talk while recording.

Some GoPro poles can extend several feet, but keep in mind that the longer the pole can extend, the more flimsy it tends to become as it lengthens. Others can extend only a few inches, but are significantly sturdier because the construction tends to be more solid.

Top 3 Best GoPro Pole Reviews

1. Smatree SmaPole S1 All-aluminum Telescopic Pole

Many buyers have rated the Smartee SmaPole S1 All-Aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole as the best GoPro pole for several reasons. This full aluminum alloy design is much sturdier than other materials, making the pole both durable and lightweight.

The mount on the Smartee SmaPole features a built-in nut, eliminating the issue of losing the nut that keeps the camera securely on the pole. It’s also compatible for smartphones, so you can use the pole for your mobile device in place of your GoPro.

With a padded grip handle, an extending pole that reaches up to 40.5”, and easy adjustments, the Smartee SmaPole S1 All-Aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole is definitely a great choice if you want a pole that you can use with utmost ease.

2. Vicdozia 19” Selfie Stick Handheld Monopod

A typical second choice among buyers is the Vicdozia Selfie Stick. Albeit much shorter than the first choice, this one does have quite a few features that make it a good choice.

Firstly, it can extend up to 19 inches, and can shorten to just 7 inches long. This makes it a great choice for users who want to be able to use their gadget at a short range.

This selfie stick also features a waterproof handle, a removable wrist band, and an easy locking and adjustment mechanism that allow users to customize the length of the stick with convenience.

Durable, compact, and simple, the Vicdozia Selfie Stick is a great pick if you want something that can easily fit into your pack or give you a slightly longer reach for better video and image captures.

3. CamKix® Premium 3in1 Telescopic Pole

In search of something a little more versatile? The Premium 3in1 Telescopic Pole and Tripod Base might be the right GoPro pole for you. This device can be used as a traditional selfie stick, as a table top tripod, and even as a standing tripod that can extend as far as 47 inches.

The mount on the pole can be used for GoPros, cameras, and mobile phones, allowing users to attach a variety of devices to the pole for greater functionality. A sturdy ball and socket joint makes it possible to swivel and position the head in many different ways to accommodate different angles and perspectives, while the non-skid feet keep the pole in proper position on a variety of terrains and surfaces.