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Best DSLR Under $1000 of 2021

With camera and electronics companies becoming more focused on compact and point and shoot cameras for the masses, there are fewer DSLR cameras on the market than ever before. With fewer companies in the race and fewer products, it is crucial that you pay attention to the minor details to get the best DSLR under $1000.

Once you have chosen all of the features that are most important to your needs and can also fit into your budget, you will easily be able to make a purchase that you feel good about and know will be worth it.

Aspects to Think About

The most important feature of any DSLR camera is the size of the sensor. Not only will the have an effect on the images and the style of photography but they will also often dictate the price. The following are the two most common sensor sizes that need to be considered:

  • APS-C. These are usually sensors found in cheaper models. They are smaller and only use the center of the lens, making it seem like the lens is longer. This means that this particular sensor is great when shooting subjects in the distance or capturing sporting events. The smaller focused area also means that the camera’s systems will cover a wider portion of the frame. This makes it easy to focus on subjects that are away from the center of the lens.

NOTE: Lenses and accessories for this kind of sensor are also generally cheaper.

  • Full-Frame. For landscapes and street photography or even large group shots, the full-frame sensor creates a focal length, which is great for wide angles. This kind of sensor also allows for more variety in terms of pixels, which helps to eliminate noise without compromising the details. It is also easy to focus on a closer object with a blurred background for a pleasing effect in a portrait.

Top 6 DSLRs Under $1000 Ultimate Table

PictureNameMegapixelsPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Canon EOS 60D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera 18$$$4.7
2. Nikon D7100 24.1 MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR24.1$$4.7
3. Sony SLT-A65V 24.3 MP Digital SLR24.3$$$$4.7
4. Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera20.2$$$$4.7
5. Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera12.2$$4.4
6. Sony Alpha A700 12.24MP Digital SLR Camera 12.24$4.2

Advice for Buying a DSLR

  • The Brand. While this may not seem terribly important if the camera has all of the right features, it is when you want to dive deeper into a photography hobby or career. The various manufacturers carry a set range of options. Once you have found a camera that meets all of your criteria, you should investigate the offerings of the brand, such as additional lenses that are available.
  • Purpose. If your purpose for buying a DSLR camera is to shoot fast-paced sports then you will need to focus on the burst rate and the focusing system of the camera that you are considering. If you are going to be taking images of large crowds, like a wedding party, or in unconventional positions, you will need a camera with a display that can be pulled away from the body to adjust the angle. The resolution of the camera should also be good enough to show the images clearly.

Top 3 Best DSLR Under $1000 Reviews

1. Canon 4460B003

One of the best things about Using the Canon EOS 60D is that it does a lot of the work for you. In terms of focus technology, this model has contrast and phase detect as well as selective single-point and face detection.

This is the best DSLR under 1000 dollars for those that are just starting out using this type of product but have outgrown their beginner equipment and for the price you really can’t go wrong in terms of a mid-level upgrade.

It is user-friendly but has enough of the more advanced features, so you will feel like you are really getting into the thick of camera operation and photography.

2. Nikon 1513

Overall, the Nikon D7100 holds up to the high quality standards expected from this brand and it is a great DSLR camera with all of the easy-to-access advanced features you could want.

This camera is quite large with all of the buttons and controls but not uncharacteristically large for this kind of camera. You will be able to adjust the product while you shoot as all of the different features are made readily available.

With extra resolution and light sensitivity, you really can’t go wrong for such an affordable and professional model.

3. Sony SLTA65V

The picture quality of the Song SLT-A65V is really something that should be experienced. Even the video is amazing considering it can be done in any lighting with the same great results.

The battery life is pretty good too for such a powerful camera. At the normal size of any DSLR camera, this model has all of the fun features that make photography more interesting and can really enhance the quality of the results.

It should also be stated that the handgrips for this camera are really effective and they come in handy when taking video of sporting events and games.