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Best Digital Camera Under $100

Think that it’s hard to find a great digital camera for under $100? Think again.

You’ll be surprised at the zoom power and megapixels that you get for this price, so have a look at our list below to find the best digital camera under $100 for your photography needs.

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What to Consider

Before you select a digital camera, consider the following:

  • Megapixels. For around a hundred bucks, don’t shortchange yourself on the megapixels. Aim for minimum of 10 so you can print crisp, decent-sized images.
  • Zoom. If you travel or shoot still life, a powerful zoom will help you hone in on the far away objects. Get a small tripod to help prevent blurry images. Number four on our list below has an 8x optical zoom lens, which is pretty impressive for a compact camera.
  • Used. If you’re looking for a serious DSLR camera for around $100, you might be able to find something used or refurbished. These cameras are bigger and bulkier, so if you’re just looking for a simple point and shoot camera, you’re in the right place.

Useful Features

As you compare and contrast cameras, these tips will come in handy to help you choose the right one for your needs:

  • Screen Size. To avoid squinting and pulling the screen one inch from your face to see the images, get a nice, big display screen. Three inches is great.
  • Focus. Check out the auto focus features of the camera. If you don’t want to manually adjust settings, then finding a digital camera that does everything for you with the change of a button is ideal. Number four on our list has some great tracking and detection features.
  • Movies. If you want to film the crazy street performers you pass as you travel through Europe, or capture the special moments of your little ones as they grow, you’ll probably need a camera that shoots movies. If that’s the case, look for a good sound system and a 1080p HD movie quality.


Thankfully, there are plenty of great waterproof cameras available like numbers five and six on our list.

If you plan to do any snorkeling or shallow diving, or if you travel in humid areas, it’s great to get a waterproof camera.

Accidents also happen, so if your waterproof camera accidentally lands in the river or falls into the toilet, it will be protected.

5 Best Digital Cameras Under $100

1. Canon PowerShot SD1200IS

Just point, shoot and let the Canon PowerShot SD1200IS do the rest. Available in several colors and with a lightweight and compact design, this camera is easy to pack and carry around.

This camera features 10-megapixel resolution and a Smart AUTO system that selects the camera settings based on 18 predefined shooting conditions.

If you want a bit more control over your images, switch to one of the 17 different shooting modes to help you capture shots on your terms.

The face detection feature is great if you’re taking pictures of groups, as the camera will automatically detect the number of faces. That means that if you set up the timer and then run to be in the picture, it will automaticallyre-focus to make sure you don’t look like a fuzzy blob.

It performs well in low light and you’ll love the picture quality!


  • Small and lightweight
  • Convenient optical viewfinder
  • Easy-to-read screen
  • Prolonged battery life


  • Flimsy USB cover
  • Laggy autofocus

2. Olympus Stylus 1010

Like the first digital camera we reviewed, the Olympus Stylus 1010 has a lightweight and compact design. This camera has a large 2.7-inch LCD with anti-glare technology, so you can easily see the screen.

It also allows you to correct images in-camera, so if you don’t feel like editing on your computer you can do everything you need with the Perfect Fix program.

It has a powerful 7x image-stabilized optical zoom, face detection and TruePic III image processor to help you get crisp images even when the subject is moving.

A great buy for under $100!


  • Impressive longevity
  • Quality panoramic shots
  • Focuses on fine details
  • Impressive zoom function


  • Low-quality audio
  • Grainy photos with poor light

3. Kodak Easyshare C182

Kodak is another popular brand that manufacturers cameras with great features and in several price points. The C182 is one of their most affordable units that’s easy to use and carry around.

You will love the large, 3-inch LCD screen of the Kodak Easyshare C182 in addition to the 12-megapixel resolution it offers.

The Smart Capture feature will automatically identify the scene and adjust the camera settings accordingly, and it has 18 different scene modes to make it easy for you to point and shoot without making manual adjustments to shutter speed and aperture.

This also features face detection, great for taking portraits, and although we aren’t crazy about the AA batteries (we prefer rechargeable), this definitely earns a spot on our best digital camera under $100 list!


  • Sophisticated features
  • User-friendly functions
  • Clear and crisp photos
  • Easy to hold


  • Short battery life
  • Low-quality build

4. Sony DSCW830

The Sony DSCW830 is a crafty and convenient point-and-shoot camera at an affordable price. It has compelling image capturing options paired with an effective movie mode. Although it doesn’t capture the highest quality videos on the market, it’s an excellent entry-level digital camera with accessible functions.

There’s no doubt the Sony DSCW830 is a great entry-level model when it comes to a digital camera. You’ll have access to impressively clear photos thanks to the 20.1mp CCD sensor, allowing more light into the lens. You’ll also have the ability to create photo-quality prints or crop the images needed for post-editing.

The camera is built with an 8x Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens with a comfortable zoom function as an added benefit. Apart from zoom, you’ll also have Optical SteadyShot image stabilization for capturing action shots with ease. Instead of taking photos, you might find you want to switch to capturing videos, which is also straightforward with this camera.

You’ll have access to a 720p MP4 movie mode, which allows you to capture relatively high-quality videos at 30fps. Whether you’re creating content for yourself or sharing it on the internet, the format is ready to be edited on PC.

You’ll also find plenty of built-in functions that make photos ready to upload once they’ve been transferred. The Sony DSCW830 features on-board editing with an assortment of picture effects, bringing images to life.

You can change the moods of certain scenes, emphasize specific attributes of your subjects, and more. You’ll especially appreciate the skin smoothing, shine removal, teeth whitening, and eye-widening features.

The built-in advanced flash and intelligent auto mode make it exceptionally simple to take the perfect photos. You’ll be able to illuminate the essential parts of your subject with auto-adjusted features. As a first-time user, this adds plenty of versatility to the camera for an assortment of occasions.


  • Clear screen
  • User-friendly auto functions
  • Small and compact design
  • Great for seniors


  • Slow photo processing
  • Small-sized buttons

5. Nikon COOLPIX S33

There are plenty of fantastic features built into the Nikon COOLPIX S33 that make it great for everyday use and travel. With its sleek and straightforward design, you’ll also find many of its functions are user-friendly. It genuinely has one of the most protective designs to prevent accidental damage over the years.

One of the unique features of the Nikon COOLPIX S33 is that it’s designed to be fully waterproof. You can quickly drop the camera in up to 32 feet of water before the interior components experience damage.

Also, it’s shockproof at up to five feet, so accidental drops won’t be much of a concern. If you’re shooting in cold temperatures, you’ll be glad to know the camera is insulated up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overall, it’s one of the best travel-friendly point-and-shoot cameras for an abundance of outdoor excursions.

Aside from its build quality, there are plenty of functional features that make this a fantastic family-friendly camera. Several easily navigable menus are quickly accessible using oversized buttons.

Anyone in your family can capture important moments on the go, thanks to the user-friendly functions. You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to capture high-quality videos and pictures with improved sound.

This camera supports full HD 1080p recording with stereo sound, so its audio quality is impressive. You can also add unique effects to your photos and videos, enhancing your family experiences within seconds.

To share your content, simply connect the camera to your TV using an optional HDMI cable. You’ll love the high-quality 13.2mp CMOS sensor that provides impressive image quality, even in low-light conditions. You’ll have plenty of light let into the lens, showing the immaculate details of up-close subjects.

Alternatively, you can quickly snap photos of subjects at a distance, thanks to the NIKKOR glass zoom lens. With the 3x optical zoom, you can access a wide or narrow zoom depending on what you’re capturing.

You can also take advantage of the 6x dynamic fine zoom, which is iconic for capturing more refined details. Whether you’re taking photos or videos of family, concerts, or sporting events, the options are endless.


  • Great for underwater photos
  • Impressive clarity
  • User-friendly features
  • Family-friendly functions


  • Poor underwater audio
  • The lens could fog easil