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Best Camera for Photography

The “perfect” camera? Well, that depends on whom you ask!

We have come up with a very unique guide that will show you a variety of great cameras for those who are ready to get serious about their photography. You’re the artist and you know what kind of look you would like to achieve through your artwork, so use our guide as a starting point!

Our guide will highlight a mixture of the best cameras for photography in general. Whether you need a great beginner’s camera for your wedding photography business or you are an extreme travel blogger who wants something compact, you’ll find a happy mix of quality cameras below.

Things to Take Into Consideration

There are many great cameras to choose from, but we suggest that the majority of photographers go with a digital camera.

Before you purchase a camera, you should think about how you will be using it.

  • Business or Pleasure. Are your photography passions a hobby or would you like to develop them into a business? Some need a high-quality camera for their business, and buying one is an investment. If images are being sold for profit, then quality is of utmost important.

Others are simply photography enthusiasts, so the gear they select may be based on their knowledge of cameras, their knowledge of photography in general, or because they have specific photography goals in mind.

  • Extra Gear. Photography can be an expensive hobby since there are so many additional tools and pieces of gear that you can purchase in order to yield some photos. Tripods, flashes, light meters, SD cards, lights, umbrellas, editing software, photo albums, etc.
    Take this into consideration if you plan to start a photography business, because all of those expenses can add up!

Various Photography Careers

If you’re trying to make a career out of photography, then here are the most common ways to do so:

  • Wedding Photography. You’ll probably need two cameras if you’re a wedding photographer, each one with a different lens. One with a macro lens for close-up detail shots and another with a 50mm lens is great for semi-close shots (or a wide-angle lens for scenery). Check out product number two on our list: a great camera body for beginner wedding photographers!
  • Portrait/Event Photography. Whether you’re in a park taking a family portrait or at a jazz concert capturing images of the passionate saxophone player, portrait and event photography require some top-quality gear. The lighting conditions can vary and you may require extra gear to manipulate it in some circumstances to that you can achieve certain effects.
  • Fashion Photography. The catwalk, models, shooting on set in various lighting conditions… Fashion photography requires a variety of things from your camera, from still life to motion.
  • Photo Journalism. Photojournalists capture history in the making and can’t always rely on prefect lighting. Having a camera that will allow you to take advantage of low light or poor light is key.

Nature and landscape photographers, you’ll like our list of favorites for still life and travel photography!

Below, we offer details on the five best cameras for photography to help you find the right one for your specific needs.

Top 5 Best Cameras for Photography

1. Canon EOS Rebel SL1

This is a great camera for the photography enthusiast. It’s smaller than most Canon DSLR cameras but it doesn’t sacrifice on quality because of this.

The LCD touch display is easy to read and navigate (zoom in on a picture just like you would do on a smartphone or tablet) and it’s comfortable to hold in the hand. This also comes with two lenses: and 18-55mm and 55-250mm.

If you need to photograph still objects (people, landscapes, products, etc.) then this is a great camera for you. It works best with a tripod, and night shots will come out great with the high ISO settings.

Overall, enthusiasts who want to shoot in live view but are still looking for the benefits of an APS-C digital camera will do well with this camera.

2. Nikon D3300 24.2 MP

If you’re a on the verge of becoming a pro and you need a more serious camera, the Nikon D3300 is perfect. It shoots stunning images in both RAW and JPG modes, it has a 24-megapixel sensor and a maximum aperture of f/3.5 (great for close up portraits with a blurred background).

It also has 11 area focus points with 3D tracking so you can easily photograph moving subjects while capturing a nice, crisp shot. This has a 24.2 megapixel sensor and up to a generous 12,800 ISO which is expandable to 25,6000! You have the option to shoot five frames per second, which helps when you want those frame-by-frame detailed action shots.

A great entry-level camera for a variety of photographers!

3. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

Photographers who also like to do a bit of videography will appreciate the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70. It features a whopping 60x super long zoom lens and Dolby Digital Sound so you can capture all visual and audible details with precision.

The lens is great for low, natural light settings (aperture range of f/2.8-5.9) and high sensitivity MOS sensor to which will reduce noise by about 10-15%.

If you’re still learning the ropes of digital cameras, the Intelligence Auto mode will help you to shoot great pictures with a little assistance as you learn.

4. Canon PowerShot SX50

The traveling photographer will appreciate the Canon PowerShot SX50 with it’s 50x 24-1200mm lens. You can’t always get up-close to subjects when traveling, so a great zoom lens will help you out! Those learning manual camera settings will love the PowerShot.

This isn’t the best camera for action photography, but if you’re traveling and need some quality, detailed images for a website (blog, etc.) this is a great travel companion for you.

5. Canon G12 10 MP

Canon does it again! The G12 10 MP digital camera is great for serious photographers who want to capture quality images in low-to-poor lighting.

This camera offers accurate focus; plenty of manual control for those who are mastering their photography skills and one simple feature that you’ll love are the big, easy-to-read dials that you can also customize.

It’s not great at filming videos, but if that’s not an issue for you, then you’ll be quite happy with this camera!

The definition of the “best” camera depends on whom you ask, so use our handy guide above as a starting point if you’re looking for some serious camera and lenses that will help you step up your photography game to the next level!