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6 Best Cameras for Action Shots 2021

Action shots videos are some of the hardest shots to take no matter what type of camera you are using. They require precision, accuracy and patience as well.

If you are to capture a moment in action play then you will need a good camera for action shots. Action shots are found mainly in sports plays and in movies action.

In action play, things move really fast such that if you are not careful you may not be able to capture the “real moments” in the play.

It is for this reason that action cameras are important. Finding the best of these can be a challenge though. The market is flooded with such products but finding the “real thing” for your specific needs is not easy.

We have therefore developed a comprehensive guide that will help you select the best camera for action shots.

Consider This When Buying a Camera for Action Shots

  • Field of View. A good action camera should have a wide field of view to capture videos accurately and immensely. Immensely in the sense that it is able the capture a lot of details at a particular scene.

The size of the field of view should be approximately 140 degrees which is almost equal to the human eye field of view.

  • Stability and Strength. Action play can get rough at times and the camera may fall victim to this roughness. It is therefore vital that you pick an action camera that is tough enough such that should it fall or get hit, it will still be able to function optimally.

Top 6 Cameras for Action Shots Comparison Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. GoPro Camera HERO3$$$$4.6
2. Canany Waterproof Sports Action Camera$$$4.6
3. GoPro HERO4 Silver $4.5
4. Lightdow LD4000 Sports Action Camera $$4.4
5. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam $4.4
6. DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera $$4.1

Buying Information

Action cameras are special types of cameras that are designed to take videos of action play. They are small and they can easily be strapped on your helmet as you engage in the activities that you like.

They are tiny and light in weight so as not to offer you any distraction. They can be strapped on your helmet, surf board or on the edge of your car as you hike, climb, surf or swim.

They capture high definition videos of you partaking in these activities thereby giving you the chance to relive them at a later date.

Top 3 Best Camera for Action Shots Reviews

1. GoPro  HERO3

If you are looking for the best action camera then look no further than the GoPro Camera HERO3+ Silver Bundle (Silver). And why is that?

It has a water proof casing that make it appropriate for water sports such as surfing and under water diving. It is small and light weight than other similar devices and you therefore do get tired or distracted when one of these is strapped on you.

It captures videos in 1080p format and it offers two times image processing capabilities than other action cameras.

Its battery life is long enough to allow you to enjoy you sport as you take HD videos of your activity. Try it today for the best action shots.

2. Canany Waterproof Sports

Canany WIFI Waterproof Sports Action Camera is one of the best cameras for action shots in the market.

It offers a wide angle capture of about 170 degrees and this ensures that most of the things in your view.

It comes with two rechargeable batteries should it run out of power. It also has a 2.0 inch LCD screen display to view the images and videos it has captured.

And one more thing; it is build durable and strong so as to withstand extreme weather conditions and tough environments.

Buy one of these today and strap it on your helmet as you enjoy your favorite outdoor activity.

3. GoPro HERO4

Action cameras do not get better than the GoPro HERO4 Silver. It comes with an in-built camera display for easier control and navigation.

It takes videos in 1080p format and photos in 12megapixels with a speed of close to 30 frames per second.

It also has an in-built Wi-Fi that has been synchronized with the GoPro app that allows to remotely control this device.

Try it today and capture all those daring moments in high definition.