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Best Camera Bag for Travel 2021

Whether you’re a destination wedding photographer or a backpacking blogger who is bound for Swiss Alps, a camera will most certainly be at the top of your “to bring” list as you pack your bags.

And speaking of bags, there are a few key features that your camera bag should have to keep your gear safe, so below we help you find the best camera bag for travel.

Whether you’re out to capture the still beauty of nature or harness all of the exciting adventures of big city life, check out what other photographers trust their gear with as they travel the world.

Consider the Following

Before you select a camera bag, consider the following:

  • What and Where. What will you be placing in the bag? The size of the bag will depend on the amount of gear you have. You may just be bringing along a point and shoot camera to make sure you capture all of the fun moments of your trip, or a professional with serious intentions.

Where you’ll be travelling to also impacts the type of bag you need.

Are you out in nature where you’ll need a few extra pockets to store snacks and personal belongings? Do you need room for a travel manual, tripod or extra lenses?

Those who travel for leisure often use their camera bag as a personal bag, too, so it’s better to find a bag that combines these two uses.

You need the bag to protect your camera, yet you also need to throw in your wallet, phone and any gifts that you pick up as you wander around.

If this sounds more the travel camera bag you need, check out number four on our list below.

  • BrandSpecific. Remember that some bags are designed to fit certain camera modelsonly, especially for Canon and Nikon. They may not fit other cameras or model/lens types, so be sure to read the fine print if you’re interested in a brand-specific bag.

Top 6 Camera Bags for Travel Complete Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Pelican 1510-000-110$$$$4.9
2. Case Logic SLRC-206$$$4.6
3. Evecase DSLR/SLR Camera Water Resistant Canvas Case$$4.6
4. Lowepro Passport Sling DSLR$$4.5
5. Deluxe DSLR Zoom Camera and Gear Holster Bag by USA Gear$$4.4
6. BIRUGEAR Hard Shell EVA Compact Camera Pouch$4.4

Top 3 Best Camera Bag for Travel Reviews

1. Pelican 1510-000-110

Everyone loves a customized fit, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Pelican Carry On Travel Case. If you’re a serious photographer or videographerwith a lot of gear, you need something serious to carry it in.

The shell of this case is waterproof, crush proof and dust proof. Nothing will get through to the gear!

You will also love the open cell foam core that is pre-cut so you can remove the foam pieces as needed to create a custom fit for each piece of your gear. It’s a good idea to leave around two rows of foam between each piece to ensure that you have enough cushioning around it.

This is the best camera bag for travel on our list if you have some serious photography or filming intentions during your travels, but if are looking for something a little simpler, then keep reading!

2. Case Logic SLRC-206

For anyone who doesn’t want a typical shoulder strap bag or something pocket-sized, you’ll want to opt for a backpack. A way to carry your gear and focus more on your shots rather than the bag flopping around everywhere.

This backpack is great for travel because it also has room for your laptop. If you’re catching a flight for business or if you are hiking in the Rockies, you will have room for everything. The base is made of waterproof EVA material so you don’t have to worry about where you set it down, and the memory foam interior keeps your gear snug and secure.

The unique hammock system inside suspends your camera into the middle of the case, offering a superior level of protection and preventing it from knocking into your other personal items.

3. Evecase 885157822756

If you need a camera-only bag, then the Evecase water-resistant shoulder bag is right up your alley. It features closed cell foam padding inside, a water-resistant canvas case with carry handle and shoulder strap, and it will fit a variety of camera brands. The pouches and pockets help you divide your gear and the inner divider is adjustable, allowing for a more custom fit.

Sometimes you don’t need a big backpack or carry-on, so this compact travel camera bag is great when you’re on the go.